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thank you lynne so much...
I didn't send the email but I went out with my dad earlier tonight for a drive we were gon for 2hrs and I just talked to him about it
he keeps blaiming himself and is deperatly tying to fix it but he cant its not his fault and nomatter how hard he trys my mum will always find something
she called him halfway through the drive and just RIPPED his face off because hes trucks muddy its muddy because we've been going on allot of dirt roads and havent had time to clean it my dads just exhausted hes running 24/7 with the bussiness right now

but dad did tell me he wont let her kick me out
he said mum came to him after we had our last fight and said she was kicking me out and dad said no absolutly not hes my son i'm not kicking him out so she said fine then i'll leave dad aperantly just looked at her and said thats your choice i've had enough hes my son if he goes i go were a packaged deal mum of course was LIVID I just found out about that tonight

So i did talk to him all about it and he seemed to understand then the second we got home i had to turn around to go get fuel and dad had to get in the truck to go get the hunters
I was JUST driving off when i herd mum come storming out of the house and start to scream at him again
by the time i got back he was gone and i just saw mum leave down the hill on the quad

and now aperantly mum her bos and her boses boss had a meeting today and aperantly it was a bad one mums boss (hes a great guy very nice) went mental and screamed that he was quiting and mum said if he quits then shes quiting meaning shes moving away to get a job because she has no interest in staying here anymore she dosent want this job and wont be able to find one like it around here
my familys falling apart
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