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neither are worse if u use them correctly. there are complex carbs and simple carbs. complex carbs are like natural, like whole grain pasta, cereal that's not loaded w/ sugar. they take a while to digest hence athelets "carbo loading" a night before an event so the energy hits them for the next day. Simple carbs are refined (not natural) and the most popular would be sugar, others would be in fruit (i know fruit's natural but its just how it is, fruits have alot of natural sugar in them). athletes might have some simple carbs before and event because the energy hits them very quickly. complex carbs can be things like bagels or pasta, but if you arent very active you can still eat them w/o becoming fat if you eat whole grains. but honestly i hate whole grain pasta and bagels, so i dont eat tons of bagels. remember, a regular plain bagel that most people have counts as 5 servings of bread for that day so just factor that in to not eating lots of bready stuff. i like bread type stuff, but not lots just because the taste gets boring after a while. my favorite foods are red meat and fruit is offline   Reply With Quote