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Default Re: Why do Islamic militants hate America, and not Britain?

It is true many ppl hate america, But the know nothing liberals that say that the reason terrorist hate is becuse we "police the world" when we wouldn't need to do anysuch thing if there wasn't a huge problem in the first place.

Terrorist group Al queda which is the most publisized one, and has attacked places like....
-Saudi arabia
-and afganistan

Do you think that they attack only america like places with christian ppl? take a look at the map.

-No they attack ANY BODY that isn't an Islamic extremist (generaly not ismamic ppl though), But they hate america the most, not because we are the most "evil" or that we are "world police" or that we are "corrupt" or anthing like that.
-Al queda and like groups HATE america cause we pose the largest threat to them, we are the main and most powerfull force that is willing to actualy go in and try to change things by force.

The Terrorist don't fear the UN, the UN very rarely uses force or sanctions, and how can you sanction an terrorist organization that is world wide?

The reason that they attack is that their leaders aren't stupid, they see that the more soldiers or cizilians that terrorist kill in iraq the less the american ppl suport the war. And thus the less likely we are to come back or stay at all.

-perfect example, look at spain, al queda bombed a train there and they folded like a cheap deck or cards. They voted opposite as they would have, and they pulled all of their troops out of Iraq as fast as they could. This was EXACTLY what Al Queda wanted. Don't you see? Al Queda doesn't hate America because we are hurtung the Iraqi ppl, hell Al queda targets and kills Iraqi citizens to inspire fear.
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