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Default Re: Christianity???

Originally Posted by xTheLordsServantx View Post
well i dont think we're messing with u. The Bible tells us to help God's creations who still havent seen the light. We dont think were better than u because we saw the light before u.
OMFG!!! THIS this right here is why we don't like you your arrogance, there is ZERO proof of god, of any of his so called miracles or of anything else in the bible there is ZERO evidence of it the earth is a hell of allot older then 10,000 years i mean jesus acording to the bible man co-existed with dinosaurs! wtf? you go on and on and on that the bible is sooooo old that it just HAS to be right which is bullshit we used to think the earth was flat, we used to think the sun revolved around us we used to think we were in the centre of the universe there were THOUSANDS of other "gods" befor yours what makes you think Zues isnt real? Anubis? Thor?

Religion has been responsible for more wars more deaths, pain and suffering than anything else

Originally Posted by xTheLordsServantx View Post
We just want to help u. Example (symbolical):
If u see a child standing in the middle of the street, and theres a huge truck thats about to hit him/her. Wouldn't u help?

We are the bystander, athiests are the child in the street, and the semi is the eternal damnation that we dont want to hit u.
Okay for starters this is NOTHING like a todler being infront of a semi this is a bunch of morons terrified of death and the unknown so they deny the cold hard proven facts right infront of there eyes because there to pathedic to accept that there god is FAKE he was invented to be a security blanket for people that lived thousands of years ago becuse they understood NOTHING of the world around them and they had no control that terrified them

Originally Posted by xTheLordsServantx View Post
We only want to help. Its so unfortunate that people deny help only until they believe they really need it. What we're trying to do, is show people that they need help seeing the truth. Please dont be mad at us for helping.

God Bless
Do Athiests run around constantly trying to "save" you? no why? because its rude you have the right to belive what you we find it funny and who wants to get rid of great entertainment? honestly
Christans have SHOVED there belifs and ways onto people and cultures since it first began you would conqure, murder and then threaten to get them to submit

its pathedic, repulsive and disgusting

I dont want nor need your help

not to mention telling Africans not to use condoms because its against god is fucking horrible!!!
its helping to spread aids like wildfire millions are dying because of that and other crap that the vatican intervened where it had no right to!

and rileys right i'd rather be hit by the dam truck!
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