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Default Some advice needed, please :D

If you dont want to read all of this you can just read the bottom, but i would prefer it it you read all of it because it will make you be able to give a better answer

Hey there,

So here goes, I know this girl called Krystal, I've been frinds with her for about a year now, and in May this year, I told her, by text, that i really liked her, and she said she liked me too. But for some reason we never got together. But anyway, recently we have been talking quite a lot and i have developed feelings for her, and a couple of weeks ago I asked her how she felt about me, and at first she said she wasn't sure, but then later told me she just likes me as a friend. But over the last couple of weeks a have noticed, I don't know how to describe it really, I've noticed that like at school if i go past her she will smile at me, and just the way she talks to me. So, I'm going to see her in town on Saturday, and I just want some advice on when i go to see her. Shes one of the only girls i feel relaxed when I'm with her, so i want to know what to say like when I walk up to her in town where we are going to meet. Also should I ask her out? I know its probally hard for you to say and perhaps i should see how it goes on Saturday. And just generally how I should act, well i know I should just be myself and i can do that around her ok, its more a case of what to say. And lastly what I should do when I say bye to her, like should I give her a hug or not ect.

I know im probally over-worrying a bit here But I'm not nervous about it and im looking forward to it, I just basicly want to know what do do when i meet her and when i say bye

Thanks very much guys and girls


(Probally my longest post ever lol)
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