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heya huni, yep there def one girl here
but ok so, can u tell me what country u live in? as i may o sme shops where you cn get sme good breas for large sizes, my mom is an F so i can ask her for you, depending on ur placing in the world i am sorry that finding out that your a EE has upset you, but i am really glad to hear that ypu went for a fitting, im shocked you have never been before, you should always go, or how will you no what real size you as, as proved here, i really do thinkd that the new bras you are getting will help you alot with your back pain ect, please dont feel sad about this news, it can b fied it just mite take some time, i am also vry glad to hear that you went to the doctors to ask if there is anything you can do, smart move, as for what you and your dad should do, is defently calm down a bit, no offence, but there really is no need to anic it will only make you feel worse and it seems to by you stating you feel depressed, would it b ok to talk over MSN or AIM at some point? its just i think i ned to talk to u as in a proper covo to fully understand whats goin on how u feel, and offer some advice, that i hope helps, do not regret goin for a fitting tho hun, it just shows how wrong in sizes you were getting it! and now u have found out the correct action can b taken to help you if you get me, k i hope to chat to u soon, both my addys are on my profile, chat soon huni xxxx

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