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Wow i wish i never did that. I went in and started talking and telling the lady whats wrong, she got out her trusty tape measure, measured me, walked over to her book, then told me that they dont have a single bra in my size that is apparantly 36EE!!!!!! i almost cried. When my dad saw me he asked me what was wrong, so i told him, he then drove me around for 2 hours looking for a place that had bras in my size, but apparantly no store near me does!! so he bought me like 5 over the net, that was weird. I'm really depressed now, my dad is freaking out too cus he doesnt know what to do. I called the doctor so i can talk about it and see just what, if anything, i can do. I think i'm going to try and get him to get my dad to let me do the reduction, i thought about it, and if i do it now, even if they start growing more, there is no way they will get this big again, so i dont really see a problem with it, maybe i'm insane but i think it would be best.
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