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Originally Posted by boognish
Originally Posted by Tim
Originally Posted by FaDinG DreaM
Yes but nothings more fullfilling then running up to noobkiller666 (or anyone on xbox live) and shooting them with your shotgun at pointblank range killing them instantly on Xbox live
Or having the satisfaction of crouching round a corner then lunging out when they walk past and slashing them with a sword, or getting a headshot on a rocketguy poised and ready to blow your head off, or killing someone who has a really good weapon with two nooby needlers (if that happens i shout 'NOOBATIZED!' )
Or single handly running into the base killing all the people, grabbing the flag and walking it back across the field, or beating all the other team down with the bomb and then arming it without dieng the list goes on......
fun, but deul needlers are better then you think. at near point blank, it will ensure that your assalient will go down wit you
Its true I've tested it but I loooooove my shotgun and the fuel rod cannon

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