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Originally Posted by xTheLordsServantx View Post
well i dont think we're messing with u. The Bible tells us to help God's creations who still havent seen the light. We dont think were better than u because we saw the light before u. We just want to help u. Example (symbolical):
If u see a child standing in the middle of the street, and theres a huge truck thats about to hit him/her. Wouldn't u help?

We are the bystander, athiests are the child in the street, and the semi is the eternal damnation that we dont want to hit u.

We only want to help. Its so unfortunate that people deny help only until they believe they really need it. What we're trying to do, is show people that they need help seeing the truth. Please dont be mad at us for helping.

God Bless
well maybe the atheist wanted to be killed by the truck to escape the damn christians
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