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if you wanted to get skinnier, then you should look into cardio. that would be running, swimming, biking, rowing, dancing, anything that is active and really gets the heart rate up. i try to stay fit but i also work out alot so im not "skinny". i eat alot and stay buff, like its not as easy to see my abs w/o flexing but you can easily see biceps, pectorals and shoulders. i swim all year, i work out, i eat healthy(usually), im 14: 5' 11" (a guy) and 162lbs. but i also like to have fun and everything so i dont do everything healthy, i eat like crap sometimes or engage in not-so-safe things healthwise. but yea, u dont have to go to a gym or a club. you can run outside, you can either buy weights, if ur school has a weight room go there OR, alot of military groups dont even use weights. they use their own bodies as weights, so you can do pushups, situps and if this interests you ask me and i can tell you many more exercises to strengthen ur body w/o using weights and just using ur body. but start w/ some cardio and eating more healthy, eating less if u think u eat too much but dont quit eating cus you need that if ur gonna be strong...i eat a ton
and not to argue or anything, but barelythere, i just read something that said, if ur an athlete carbs arent as bad as they're said to be. true, if u dont do anything and eat lots of them you'll be fat but they are required by athletes for energy but you just need to eat the right ones is offline   Reply With Quote