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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

this got sent to me the other day:

two mt. druitt chicks jump off a cliff. who wins? society
what does a mt. druitt chick use as protection during sex? a bus shelter
what do you call a 30 year old mt. druitt chick? grandma
why did the mt. druitt girl cross the road? to start a fight with a complete stranger
what do you call a mt. druitt girl in a white tracksuit? the bride
two mt. druitt in a car without any music....who's driving? the policeman
what's the difference between a mt. druitt boy and a mt. druitt girl? the girl has a higher sperm count
what's the most confusing day in mt. druitt? father's day
why does the population of mt. druitt never change? everytime a baby is born a bloke pisses off


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