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Default Re: WTF is wrong with me?

Originally Posted by itsJustme89 View Post
Look I know I wouldnt ever do anything illegal and I know that thinking about it isnt illegal but I still thiink is wrong to think about it. I dont want to think about it at all but I still do. Im not even interested in guys my own age. I just want these thoughts to go away forever and theres only one way that will work
trust me man, suicide is NOT the answer, never will be, just live a life of torment and an eternity in peace you gotta think of that

if you believe in god iono what religion you are, but if you do and you die you will go to heaven and live by god, who can solve the problem

if you do not believe in god or whatever religion you are, there must be something in the afterlife that'll fix the problem, not suicide tho, trust me suicide isn't the way to go

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