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Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Eternal damnation! LOL!! o noes!!! I dont want to be thrown into hell fire! I better convert myself right away, without even seeing one ounce of proof and even though it has been proven false!!! Why is YOUR f*cking religion the "correct" religion why not islam they believe that if you dont convert you will also burn. What about judism they dont even believe jesus was a prophet. You are entitled to your believes but dont ever try to spew your religious Bullsh*t at me, basicly saying that I will burn if I dont convert *pff* facist. F*ck your god, if he is so omnipotent and fair and just why the F*ck would he make me just so I would burn in hell surely he KNEW I would because according to your little book he knows all.

Exuse my lauguage.
If there was proof it wouldn't be a religion, right? A religion is based on faith. If you don't wanna be Christian, whatever, but please grow up.
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