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where on me?
i cut on my left arm mostly, ont the forearm, my lbow area and upper arm and my wrist, so i guess all over that arm erm i also cut my right arm by my elbow and randomly plus upper arm, i cut my belly to, and my hips, there easy to cover ive ct my face before as well and the bottom of my foot, ive cut the top of my leg alot as well but i aint done there in yrs
where in the house?
my bedroom mostly, or the bathroom
whith what?
i cut with a razor or a craft knife, but they lose there sharpness quick so i gotta nick them from the art department they got 100's of them
what do you do with the blood?? let it bleed wipe it up then clean my cuts and butterfly is nesseary
do you only do it when you are at home all alone??
when im alone or not i do it when i feel the need to, im always in my room tho, so im alone mostly, but ppl do walk in, gotta keep it all hidden when im doin it
what if someone sees you??
my moms walked in and i never saw her come in, damn headfones but i just covered up my arms reli quickly and as slyliy as i could i moved things out of sight

sometimes when i read this threads, i feel scared of thinking about people that cut themselves... even tho sometimes ive felt like doing it (even tho i havent done it) it just scares me... did you feel this way when you started cutting??
scared? no i was angry and upset and i didnt no what to do with these feeling so i started taking it out on myself, i didnt event think about cutting i started scratching pinching biting hitting myself, i was smaller, it did make me feel so much better tho, it was a relief, and it still does
hope that answered your questions cya x

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