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Default Re: I don't know why Im doing it.

first off well done for keeping it at bay, thats really good, and dont get hung up that you cut again, your only human we all make mistakes and this is fixable, does anyone close to u no you cut? could you tell them you need there help and support to get over it again? i suggest you remove any sharp object out of your room or anywhere you could get them if you are bored, another thing keep busy, if your busy you dont have time to think about it, doanything to keep your self thinking of other things, boredem is the worst if your trying not to, write a short story anything u mite even get reli into it and ake it longer! aother tips i have are holding an ice cube where you want to cut as it hurts but doesnt harm, or try an elsetic band and ping it when u get the urge, but everyones different and they mite not work for you, they didnt for me tell me how your goin ok hun cya xxx

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