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aw hun, im sorry to hear abut your predicament, althougth the doctors have said they cant reduce them have you asked for anything that could stop them growing anybigger?, like some sorta pill or something, you may still b going trough puberty buti doubt that they will get any bigger, but dont hold me to that, about the sports bras, wearing a "c" ??? thats a reali bad idea if you are trying to hide them more, a size that small with as you said hurt, which is not good at all, it could also cause tissue damage and could cause seriousproblems later on it life, but apart from that, the size being that small just means your boobs will b squished up and that will make them look bigger not smaller, i suggest you go and get a properly fitted sports bra, explain the problems your having to the lady who fits it for you, tell her you need support and size reducing, not only will that help your back, but it will allow you o do more sports again, but they wont be so squished up so will proberly look smaller, i think i covered what i ment to, tell me if i missed something, i had advice for it all, ive just got kinda carryed away and forgot where i was goin lol hope it helps hun cya xx

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