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oh hun, im sure you are confused by these feeling that you are having, but i suggest you step back and take a look from an outside (it helps), you are only 13 still a lil babi, u dont need to make desions like this that early, you are proberly to young to understand the emotions that something like that would bring to you, dont get me wrong im not saying you are as i dont no u, its just you are very young, and he's old, old enough to be your dad!! i no the boys your age all seem very imature and stupid, and u want more than that proberly, but trust me the boys will get better, with time, yrs but they will, and when they do, you will also b ready, physically and emotionally, i think it is wrong that he looks at you in that way, but hes a guy, i dont think they can help it alotta the time also make sure your not hinting to him you like it or suggesting you do, in anyway, as something bad could easily happen, and i would hate to see you get hurt, just remember hni, your 13 you should b out having fun with ppl your age, so go out and have a laugh, wait till your older for something like that, ok, i hope that helped cya huni xx

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