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Default This Sucks... You should hear about this......

Should i balme my mom?? well it was her fault....

She had some baby shower for one of her friends....
I invite mike (A.K.A Bitch A.K.A Cheater A.K.A "Tony most hated")
And i don't even know how my mom got a hold of my ex.
Well.... I was just enjoying the party eating (Mostly and no i'm not fat)
When my just happen to have to use the bathroom. i told there's one down the hall.Then i finally seen my ex at the party talking to my mom.Mom!!?? i said she came by me i asked " WTF is he doing here?" "I invited him" " why?????!!" " he said he was and friend of yours " "she got up and went talking Vicki the woman who is having the baby" i called my ex over i asked you said that you're my friend?? "yea" he said I looked away from him..
He said" tony look at me... i'm srry for what i did to u i know it was wrong.
" will you plz plz plz come back to me" i said " you crazy right?" " why would i come to you when i have micheal" all of a sudden he had to use the bathroom. i told him there was one up stairs by my room. when he left i began to laugh thinking why would he want me back we hardly knew each other when we went man came over and asked me where was the bathroom i totally forgot about micheal in the bathroom that i told him to go to the one mike was in. like 40 secs later i heard someone scream " OH SHIT" i ran there as soon I i could i saw the man who asked me to use that bathroom.staring with disgust at micheal and my ex in the tub naked french kissing...

I i looked tear began to draw to into my eyes. i see mike with an akward smile on his face and he said" hey.... tony" i told my ex to get out and micheal started to pick up his clothes and and came colse to me and said "i'm sorry........"
I wiped the tears from my face and punched as hard as i could and told him to get the fuck out.

Love Sucks... it really does......
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