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Default Re: Christianity- The world's most hated religion??(discuss)

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Yes it is "blind walking". And accualy if you never taught a child that was bad or it was good they would have no remorse. Look at the middle east for a prime example of this, I have a video of a 3 year old that already s jews. Children over there are basicly taught that jews is good thus they blow themselfs up or try to because they where never taught it was bad. ^THIS is exactly why I am strongly against teaching children under 13 14 maybe even 15 any sort of religion, teaching morals is fine but religion no. It is brainwashing. I will tell you for a fact that is YOU were not taught christianity as "correct" you would not believe it for a second. You would basicly say the same stuff against it as we do.

Edit* I am sure I am going to get flamed by some politicly correct lib about the muslim thing.
This is about ur post but not a flame. The kids u speak of have been brainwashed, that is why they feel no remorse,

Are you saying that you must be taught something to feel or think that it is wrong?

Your anti-brainwashing thing is interesting, i would like to see what percent of ppl never formaly "religiousitized" would think if it was attempted when they were 15.
It only makes logical sense, u aren't allowed to make the importiant desisions for yourself untill your 18 for genetic and brain deveolopment reasons, so why not apply the same reasoning to religion?
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