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Default Re: Christianity- The world's most hated religion??(discuss)

Wow, i truely feel bad that u have turned your back on the clearly lighted path going to God.
clearly litten? give me a break, do you know how many religion there are out there? better yet how many christian denominations there are? about as clear as dirt.

It was one of His angels He saved me because He knew i had a higher purpose to serve!
did he tell you that in person or divinely? how come ppl of other religion swear that they have been saved by their god(s)? are they lying?
do these angels hide from video cameras? or are they invisible to nonbelivers or something like that? why doesn't God come down from heaven and show us undeniably that he exists?
-You will say that faith is faith and quote that "blessed is he who belives with out proof" or something similar. Some of the early church leaders knew jesus, is their faith less that your cuz u never saw it happen?

I am so sorry u have denied the obvious truth. Look at our world. Its not just a ton of "coincidences"
The fact of the matter is, there had to be an universe some how, I personaly belive that it was created, but i don't know if humans were intentional or anything like that. It could have just been random and eventualy we are here. The statistical chance of that is basicly 0 but the statistical chance of ur exact DNA structure is also basicly 0, but u exist, what are the chances? there IS NO WAY TO KNOW.

i can guarantee he/she would feel bad. THATS OUR SOUL.
ever heard of a BRAIN, you are born knowing certian things in the form of feelings. If a baby dies i feel sader than if an old person died, did i have to reason it all out in my head and use what society has told me? NO i just know. Why are most ppl atracted to other humans sexualy? did society tell us that to? Belive it or not u are born with some feelings.

i cannot change ur minds because all of u are so close-minded.
close minded is to not be willing to change your mind even in light of knew facts, or not listening to the facts to reason with or refusing to reason with the facts you have. The nonchristians here have done nothing of the sort.

For me, there is so much evidence, but whenever u people ask me to show it to u, u reject it. So, dont ever ask me for evidence again. Because its about 1 word: FAITH. Not "blind walking"
To have faith you must belive "without seeing" meaning you must take a "leap of faith" that isn't possible to be rationalized, or reasoned fully. Does your faith call you to belive that Jesus rose after three days? Well what if mine calls me to belive it was 2 days? you can't reason me out of it cuz urs is only based on faith also, (plus a selfadmitedly altered and man writen book).

But i have a quick question for u guys to just think about: What is so bad about believing in God? Look: if he is real, then u will be able to go into heaven and have everlasting life. If he is not real, yet u have followed the Bible, u have been a better person in life. There is no negatives, its a win/win situation. I dont see why people deny God.
No matter how you spinn it there is blind faith involved in Christianity. Blind faith any where in anything is a terrible thing. Cuz if you do wrong with it you say it isn't wrong becuse its what u belive (see how ilogical that is?).

NOTHING WRONG WITH FAITH (blind) If u belive in you faith it can call you to do anything like....
-Some thing like the crusades where innocents were intnetionaly killed by the 1000's cuz they were jewish/muslim
-All infidels need to to converted or killed (think spanish conquistadors)
-woman whould be lesser/wear veils/or other extreme things like that (in christianity)
-pay the church to not make you go the pergatory
-deny science (evolution, heliocentric view of solar system)
-Say that the kings in power were put there by god and it would be wrong to make them leave.
.....and many other things

"Faith" that isn't backed completely by reasoning is dangerous, and can lead to very bad things.
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