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Default Update to me

Hey, well i havn't been on in over a year.
and i was diagnosed in 2004, however i ahve been recently told that i was misdiagnosed. I no longer have simptoms, and i am no longer on meds. so i guess you can say im normal. ive been free of symptoms for a year now... and i havn't been happier... so we dont know what was wrong up top... but we know it wasn't this.

To every1 who has been diagnosed w/ bipolor/manicdepression

if your meds make your symptoms worst, you NEED to talk to your doctor.

depresion is serious and is greatly diagnosed in the united states. so ppl are mis diagnosed but still have moodswingsand get extreamly depressed.

I was lucky, and it was probably an uneveness in my brain of the good and bad crap... some ppl it could be cardiovascular and some... it could be stress

Send away for a priceless gift, on not subtle, one not on the list send away for a perfect world one not simply so absurd In these times of doing what your told you keep these feelings, no one knows What ever happened to the young man\'s heart Swallowed by pain as he slowly fell apart And I\'m staring down the barrel of a 45 Swimming through the ashes of another life No real reason to accept the way things have changed starring down the barrel of a 45....... <<My Fav song >>
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