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Default Re: Christianity- The world's most d religion??(discuss)

Originally Posted by xTheLordsServantx View Post
Wow, i truely feel bad that u have turned your back on the clearly lighted path going to God. Could He be any more obvious? Let me tell u a story:

About a year ago, i was going to church, and i had to cross the street to get into church. My parents were ahead, and brother was behind me. I absent-mindedly began to cross the street. But as i began to walk, something yanked me back, and a car wizzed right past me. It was one of His angels. He saved me because He knew i had a higher purpose to serve!

I am so sorry u have denied the obvious truth. Look at our world. Its not just a ton of "coincidences" Also, if u were to give a 8 year old child a gun, and u had not told him/her that was bad (in our sociological measures), and he/she shot someone and killed them, i can guarantee he/she would feel bad. THATS OUR SOUL. THAT IS GOD INSIDE OF US. But i know i cannot change ur minds because all of u are so close-minded. So, i will do what i know how to do best when i need His help. I will pray.

But i have a quick question for u guys to just think about:
What is so bad about believing in God?
Look: if he is real, then u will be able to go into heaven and have everlasting life. If he is not real, yet u have followed the Bible, u have been a better person in life. There is no negatives, its a win/win situation. I dont see why people deny God. For me, there is so much evidence, but whenever u people ask me to show it to u, u reject it. So, dont ever ask me for evidence again. Because its about 1 word: FAITH. Not "blind walking"
Yes it is "blind walking". And accualy if you never taught a child that was bad or it was good they would have no remorse. Look at the middle east for a prime example of this, I have a video of a 3 year old that already s jews. Children over there are basicly taught that jews is good thus they blow themselfs up or try to because they where never taught it was bad. ^THIS is exactly why I am strongly against teaching children under 13 14 maybe even 15 any sort of religion, teaching morals is fine but religion no. It is brainwashing. I will tell you for a fact that is YOU were not taught christianity as "correct" you would not believe it for a second. You would basicly say the same stuff against it as we do.

Edit* I am sure I am going to get flamed by some politicly correct lib about the muslim thing.

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