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Default Re: Christianity- The world's most hated religion??(discuss)

Originally Posted by cmpcmp View Post
i never said my life was hard, in comparison to most ppl out there my life is a cakewalk, and i don't deny that.

The point was that a lot of ppl who were raised christian or who know how the church works and how ppl are born into it. What pisses them off, and me to a certian extent, is that

The church.....
-doesn't heave to "earn" your faith or anyhing like that you are basicly brainwashed into it from day one.
-the church and the bible teach things like
will you go to hell if you don't believe in him?
-Every time something is "wrong" with the bible historicly or factualy the interperitation changes, but often (as lately as evolution, minus the killin) only after ppl have been opressed or killed. The same is true with when ppl start to dissagree with a moral issue in the bible, at one point in time the catholic church was against recieveing interest on loans? i mean WTF.

The point is the church can recruit ppl into it since they were born and then after that point they are afraid that their SOUL is at risk if they stop beliving they think that they may burn in an eternal firey hell.

Many ppl see the catholic church as an institution that is holding us back and keeping us in the past, i don't see it this way, as IMO the church has very little power over modern americans.
Wow, i truely feel bad that u have turned your back on the clearly lighted path going to God. Could He be any more obvious? Let me tell u a story:

About a year ago, i was going to church, and i had to cross the street to get into church. My parents were ahead, and brother was behind me. I absent-mindedly began to cross the street. But as i began to walk, something yanked me back, and a car wizzed right past me. It was one of His angels. He saved me because He knew i had a higher purpose to serve!

I am so sorry u have denied the obvious truth. Look at our world. Its not just a ton of "coincidences" Also, if u were to give a 8 year old child a gun, and u had not told him/her that killing was bad (in our sociological measures), and he/she shot someone and killed them, i can guarantee he/she would feel bad. THATS OUR SOUL. THAT IS GOD INSIDE OF US. But i know i cannot change ur minds because all of u are so close-minded. So, i will do what i know how to do best when i need His help. I will pray.

But i have a quick question for u guys to just think about:
What is so bad about believing in God?
Look: if he is real, then u will be able to go into heaven and have everlasting life. If he is not real, yet u have followed the Bible, u have been a better person in life. There is no negatives, its a win/win situation. I dont see why people deny God. For me, there is so much evidence, but whenever u people ask me to show it to u, u reject it. So, dont ever ask me for evidence again. Because its about 1 word: FAITH. Not "blind walking"

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." (John 14:6)

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Forever praise Him

Please check out this website if you have any questions:

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