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I have been going through this long phase lately, I dont know what it is. I am just always putting myself down. I play varsity lacrosse and I figured to myself "No one even cares that I play lacrosse, Its not a respected sport", also I am made fun of alot by people I consider my own friends, they say things like "ur so stupid" and laugh at me . I Know they are kidding but some reason it just gets to me, I get a good amout of ass you can say, but I think to myself "yeah but I havent hooked up with someone REALLY hot", i dont know man nothing is good enough for my own expactations. I questioned every single relationship I had with my friends and they all seem to be failing, I know this is all mental because I think about how I used to act when I was like 9-10 grade, I was happier and more trustworthy in my friends, now I feel like no one respects me or evne likes me that much. I dont know man, can someone help me out
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