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Unhappy what a fcuk up, take 2 :P, see just proves my point!

(i posted this in the wrong one i think so here it is hopefully the right place sorry)

ahhhhh, why am i such a damn fuck up, i mean really i try t tell this boy i lovehim, but what does he think? tha i only want to b friends, i hate that damn girl for making me tell him, "he needs to no where he stands, he'll understand, do it or i will" so i did, i though it would b better coming from me, but no, obvously not, i fucked up sumin else,

well heres what i wrote to him, pease tell me what i did wrong, i need to no so i stop messing things up here you go -

leslie, i am goin to explain something to you now, i dont really understand it, and im gunna do my best but please take this in a positive way not negative ok?
kelly has been talkiing to me, and she has decided i dont love you, she is now telling me to tell you this, the only reason im doin this, is beacuse shes saying she will if i dont, and i can explain how i truly feel if i do it ok, so about not loving you, you are sooo very special to me, but i am not sure if i "love" you however! bare with me here i cant explain v well, but i do not no that
but i do no that i have very stong feeling for you, stronger than for anyone else, but i dont no what love is, so im hating saying any of this all i no is that i have no clue what real love is or feels like, but what you shows me is the closest thing to love ive known, and i feel the same way, i try and show it back but i dont think i am very good at it, im sorry, i may not have fallen in love with you but i have defently fallen for you, and i think this is a sorta love, it may b real it may just b my fucked up verson, but i guess what im trying to tell you is where you stand in my eyes as you said you dont no, so here it is, im sorry if you havent understood, or if ive said it wrong and upset you, that was not my intention, i love you in my own little way mwah xxxxxx
ill understand if u dont want to talk to me for a while
u havent taken it in a bad way have you?, im sorry it was so hard to explain, it was either i tell you and try to explain or kelly tells u it and says sumin else

then he said this :

it sounds like your saying, you like me but not in that way, and at the end you hint about us not talking for a while, kinda a break up. Its ok i can take it

i said this :

no it wasnt a hint - see now u no how it feels but thats besides the point, i was trying to say, i dont no what real love is, but this is the closest ive gotten to it, it might b love for all i no, but i just dont no thats the thing, in my eyes this is love, im not sure if it is in yours or others, and ive realised im not showing it properly, but i dont have any expericence of it so im guessing what im ment to b doin, whic is obviously very completely wrong, and im sorry

then :

leslie please, it broke my heart writing that, i tryed my hardest to say how i felt, im sorry it came out wrong, im sorry i fucked another thing up, im sorry i cant b better like kelly, but it was me telling you how i felt or her telling you some rubbish, i tryed my hardest im sorry it wasnt good enough

leslie im not trying to break up with you im trying to tell you i love you, i just dont no if this is what proper love it, but its my versoin of proper love

im so sorry i fucked something else up, im sorry im a failure ill go

so there you go, i cut out some of it, his answers my answers to his but thats the mostimprtant stuff, so where did i go wrong???

btw leslie is my bf and kelly is the nosey cow!

cya ppl xxxx

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