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Talking The BEST masturbation technique. you HAVE to try it!!!!

I just had the BEST orgasm of my life!!!! I decided to try the candwitch bag and matress technique, and WOOHOO!! it was so good.

The technique steps are simple:
1) simply get a sandwitch bag (make sure you have plenty of jack room or the bag will rip open)

2) Get lotion or lube or whatever you normally use, and spread it all inside the bag.

3) Place inbetween your materess, and insert your penis. And pump away!

HELPFULL HINT) You can place a sock over the bag, but I didn't find that too comfortable.

This works really good if you watch porn. It makes you feel like your really fucking someone. I LOVE THIS TECHNIQUE!!!!!!

You have got to try it!!!!!!
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