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Default Re: communism(discuss)

The masses will take care of any moochers.
the masses? there will be no trials? a kangaroo court?

-how would you make sure that every one had a job who was ususing the resources?
-are there police to enforce this? or is it all played out in the trial of public opinion? are there votes on that to, or are there "judges" and or a "jurry" to decide it?

-assuming that the "masses" decide not to mooch for w/e reason, and they do decide to work, but they all choose "easy" jobs, or ones they personaly enjoy like working with children and designing video games or w/e it really doesn't matter. If there are certian necesary jobs that aren't filled, what happens then? are ppl forced into thoes jobs? if so who would be forced, if every one is equal?
-If ur really bad at your job/you are a slacker, then how do you get fired? is there some one w/ authority? (manager/ceo or w/e) or is everything voted on on that level also?
(sounds like a rediculios amount of voting to me, and a popularity contest also)

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