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Default Running Partner

Hi, i did have a girlfriend but i found i couldnt be in that relationship anymore because i had fallen for my running partner, it happend while we where at school together and training together. I just cant get him out of my head, I love him as a friend and i mean love him, he was there for me when i needed him in his own way, ah he can be so sweet, the thing is i have other feelings for him, when im running behind him, i cant take my eyes off his ass or his back, sometimes i just want to wrap my arms round him and kiss him. I think he likes me back too because there are times when he looks into my eyes and smiles, i do the same but suddenly break away, i cant help it. He was round my house last weekend and we went for a run aftawrds we had showers and i gave him a towel but im sure he used my towel aswell because he has a very distinctive smell and i smelt the towel and thourght ahhhhhhh. I really want to go for it but i think hes trying to fight his sexuality, i keep trying to drop hints that i like him but then i cant help but making him think otherwise afterwards. Another thing that makes it obvious is that he is uncomfortable when i talk about girls around him but if anyone else does hes fine and can have a laugh but he clams up with me. I was on the sofa today with him and i was so close to putting my hand on his leg and leaning in for a kiss. Most people dont think hes fancyable but i do, i might love him.

Has anyone any way i can make him feel more comfortable and confident about this so that i can have the confidence to do something about this relationship?
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