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no i havent
I dont want to make it worse
its not black and white thats the problem when i was little there was good and there was evil that cut n dry
i miss that

my mums a severe alcoholic and she is abusive she learned it from her dad he used to beat her, her little sister and her mum
just like alcoholism is a genetic dieses it runs in familys
mine has a very long and nasty history of it

and my mum wasent always like this
When we lived on the Island befor we moved here and bought the stupid store she was wonderful kind caring patient like i remember blowing up a 1000$ microwave with my sisters when she came home she just laughed

now she can be in a wonderful mood and out of the blue shes just PISSED I think when the store went under it broke her some how add to that the fact that she had cancer BAD so they had to cut out like her ovarys and everything so shes on hormonal therapy that dosent work very well which makes her moody to begin with
like seriously ANYTHING pisses her off and she then takes it out on us

when shes in a good mood shes the best
and i dont want to hurt her cause shes my mommy

and shes been very angry at me lattley usually shed yell and stomp off the last fight we had i ran to my room she tore after me and was wailing on my door so hard i thought shed punch through calling me a usless piece of shit a fucking embarasment etc....
she was yelling at me to get the fuck out of her house etc....
..I have nowhere to go

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