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What it is
A dye technique that attempts to segregate girl-producing sperm from the boy-producing variety. Sperm of the desired gender is inserted directly into your uterus, usually via artificial insemination (AI).

The method is about 90 percent successful when it comes to choosing girls and about 74 percent successful for boys. These rates are per pregnancy, not per cycle.

How it's done
MicroSort is based on the premise that girl-producing sperm, which carry X chromosomes, are bigger than the boy-producing sperm, which carry Y chromosomes. The procedure involves coloring a sperm sample with fluorescent dye and then zapping it with a laser that illuminates the dye. The bigger X chromosomes absorb more dye and glow brighter than the Y ones. Sperm are then sorted by supposed gender and the preferred sex is transferred to the uterus, usually via AI. In some cases in vitro fertilization (IVF) is used — which may increase the likelihood of a pregnancy but is also more invasive and expensive
yes it can be, and is done. The other way is to use IVF geneticly figure out if it is male or female AFTER CONCEPTION and then kill it, or use it. (abortion?)
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