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Default Re: WTF is wrong with me?

Originally Posted by itsJustme89 View Post
I have looked at porn before. And how can I talk to a counselor they'll just tell my parents and then my parents will think I'm some kind of freak. I know what it means to be like this my parents both think that pedos dont deserve to live and should burn in hell and so do I. So I'm left with only one other choice and that is I should kill myself.

well 1st of all, doesn't matter who you are what the problem is, killing yourself is NEVER the answer. even if you think it sucks, life's too good to get rid of, even if you dont believe so. this is something you only have once and will NEVER get back if you destroy it. you will not go to hell for being a pedo, live your life, and when you die you wont have any threat of being in hell think of it that way, but trust me, if you kill yourself, you'll solve NOTHING, you'll bring more misery, cuz right before you do it you'll regret it and it may be too late. dont throw away your life because of a problem. i'm not a completely holy person or anything, but when you live your life no matter how bad it gets god will accept you and you will live happily for eternity in heaven k? just think of it like that

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