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Default Re: Anorexia because of depression?

losing that much weight in that time is not good. even though there was once someone at my school who, for wrestling, lost 10lbs in 30min for the weigh-in its not healthy to lose that weight in that time. i havent lost that much weight in my life. im sorry but i didnt catch if u were a guy or a girl. but if ur a guy like me, then 5' 7" and 128lbs is a bit low. when i was about 5' 8" i was 140 and my doctor said ur ok now but it would be unhealthy for you to be getting any skinnier. and now im about 5' 11" and about 162, im hungry all the time. i work out, swim competetivly and eat alot but i eat healthy. u shouldnt eat alot all of a sudden if uve lost all that weight so u should start out slowly. really, eating will make you feel a bit better because you just have that full and satisified feeling. dont use eating as a way to avoid depression but it will help you out and help u think straighter cus ur mind will be off ur belly. is offline   Reply With Quote