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Originally Posted by Diego View Post
I don't have as much spacific knowlege as some other people, but I can give advise. There might be more help for this forum soom, not 100% sure though.'re shitten me right?

I mean yea I probly know as much as you when it comes to drugs but did you just say you dont have any real hard core knolege of self harm depresion or mental disorders like ADD/ADHD, OCD like none of it?

Do you have any personal experience with it like REAL doctor documented expirence

cause if not I think you should at the very least try and get another member to help you with the psyciatric ward this is why the site was created these forums are what really matter

and some helpful advice the site you gave for SI information sucks
no offence if you dont understand it then its just an honest mistake i know your trying
I was going to tell you that but you locked the thread

get rid of that site and use this
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