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Default Re: Condom Stuff

if your getting them just to practise then i'd suggest w/e's the cheepest its not like your hands gonna give you an STD or pop a baby out just as long as there lubed ones if not find something to help (apply to OUTSIDE) cause it hurts if you dont

If you want them for something else then like you said theres many options

Theres specalty ones for blowjobs that are flavored thats more for your partners benifit then yours

theres sensi-thin

Twisted pleasures

heated...i dont suggest them..

glow in the dark


If your planning on using them for sex then since it would be your first time get thick ones because no offence but if your excited they'll help you last better then a thinner one

If your scared about getting a girl pregnant then you can get condoms that are lubercated with spermacide as added insurance

Where I live anyway if you want you can get condoms for free from the hospital or a clinic

I would NOT get them off the net with some shit like that because then they need your address and everything
that seems like a REALLY bad idea to me but your choice

If you buy them at like a drug store you get more then just one and you get to pick what you want
prices range from very cheep to expensive....but worth it
buying them isnt a big deal nobody cares I garuntee you the teller that runs them through uses them to
if your really freaked ask a friend to do it (i've done it for friends)

For brands personally I suggest Trojan but its up to you
just make sure theres a lil pocket at the tip to catch the sperm it decreases the chances of a tear dramatically

hope I helped

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