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no, but wrong has been done to me, and i let it happen, i hate my self for that.
def went a tad to deep had to butterfly it at lunch today, oh well, we had this councellor come into school today to teach us how to b supportive to the younger school, she was talking bout what we can help with and what we should invole an adult in, ppl were saying stuff like drugs, underage pregancy, then it went on to differnet types of abuse, i got reli edgy at this bit, but my mate was there so i was k, but then she moved onto people that self harm, someone said thats only sad emo's and goths, if they wanna kill them selves let them, everryone laughed, i was busy cheacking mine were covered tho, then we went on to how people do it for attention, and how sad and pathetic it was, that ppl resorted to that for attention, and that they should b locked up, i so wanted to stand up and say, stfu, all of you, you dont understand why people do it, there real reasons behind it so dont even try, well thats the clean non angry reply i wanted to say, anyways got to og, cya xxx

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