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Default I think I have it.

Well theres some things I HAVE to do...

Dont take the pee My sister and her mates do aswell as my mum, its better to laugh about it though

Anyway a few of the things I do.

Line things up... sometimes I do it and sometimes I dont, if I do one thing, I have to do the rest. If I think about doing it before doing it, then I will HAVE to do it.

another... counting... touching things an equal amount of times and by making sure its equal I have to count, hmm strange I know.

Lifting my legs up at the same time when getting into bed... if I dont I have to do it again.

Theres just a few things...

The reason i do is because I think something bad will happen if i dont do it :S I dont understand it and I think course nothing will happen... but then I think, what if it did :S then I would feel guilty...

Its a horrible thing to have... and I only do it in my own home... strange :S
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