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I know people who are truly homeless you fool. That sleep under bridges, that starve. My father is one of them. My brother another. Thats very ignorant of you to say. BUt its not like I'm suprised to hear another ignorant comment from our young friend phantom.
(ps when i read it seems the comment is directed at me, as you refer to phantom as my friend)
-I never said anything about homeless ppl
-I agree there are homeless ppl
-I don't know phantom at all other than this and a few other threads

this is an interesting read
Look at the gap between "wealth" and "income"
its in no way evenly distributed but a ton more than 'wealth' this makes sense because most anyone (5% don't) can get a job for at least minimun wage,

-which brings me to a good point, minimum wage should be increased. If it was, hard working ppl who were not born with money would have a lot better footing. Minimumwage should be by cost of living, and then some, In a city the cost in much higher, in the country it is much lower, but the same minimum wage, doesn't make sense.

It is possible to get ahead in america many ppl have done 'dramatic' opera type stories, but thoes are a lot fewer ppl than the scale in which "middle calss" can be established. The realistic american (capitalistic) ideal is that through a highschool and or community college education, you will get to be middle class staus.
71% of people without disabilities own homes
(ps. that was the only #i could find quickly, i don't hate on disabled ppl or anything like that)
If america was really so uneven that ppl who weren't born ahead couldn't get to be, well not behind, then how do 71% of ppl (not disabled) own a house? the ppl who give home loans aren't stupid, other wise they would all run out of money.
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