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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

stop calling him a liberal you fucktard. You don't even know what that word means. And when did he say he watched fucking cnn. What a load of bs. You should be lynched.
you might come off as more sympathetic and accepting of other ppl's opinions if u didn't often advocate lynching.

let's say you try to get t number of terrorists, but t to the second power is how many civilians, c, you kill in the process.
while you seem to have somewhat of a grasp for math, ur senenario makes no sense.
so no matter what, you end up with more terrorists than you killed.
SO, under your resoning, (there wasn't a terrorist reduction over time built in to ur formula) we can't ever get rid of the terrorists?

so my question is:
-How do you deal with growing opposition to you as an infidel? potentialy with nukes later, as you say we can't kill them cuz then they hate us more? Just laydown and take it?
(yess i know Kolte wants us to all be killed, thats his awnser i guess)
(ps, no matter what you say about them hating america they don't only hate america, they do things like bomb argentina, i mean WTF)
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