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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

Cut and run? No. We need to get out before the entire world wants us destroyed, you think being assholes and killing more people is helping the situation? You think you can kill all the terrorists? Lets do some math, let's say you try to get t number of terrorists, but t to the second power is how many civilians, c, you kill in the process. P will equal the number of people pissed off, which will be greater than or equal to c to the second power. Let's say 1/4p=t, so no matter what, you end up with more terrorists than you killed. Lets plug some numbers in, let's say 2 terrorists, well you kill 4 civilians, so you've got at least 16 people. 1/4 of 16=4, so you've got 2x as many terrorists as you started with. This has a ripple effect, because next time you bomb the terrorists, you kill 16 civilians let's say, and let's say you have greater than or equal to 256 people pissed off at you for killing their family and friends, and causing property damage, and 1/4 of them decide they want to do something about it and become terrorists, so you have 64. This is merely and exaggerated example, the actual number of pissed off people who decide to try to kill us would be more like 1/16 or lower, but I didn't want to bore you, if I didn't already, with 2 pages of math. You need to understand that killing people isn't the solution.

Also, apparantly phantom has spewed more shit while I was typing this. Phantom, you are an ignorant little piece of shit, we don't watch CNN, that's full of bullshit just like Fox, we get our news from many different sources, I can't even count all my sources, I read articles all over the internet and you claim that we eat all the bullshit we're fed. This is as far as I cna speak for the others, I do not consider myself a liberal, I don't completely follow any single party, I hink for myself, unlike you, you probably get all your shit from Fox and spew it out here. Either pull your stupid little head out of your ass or stop trying to debate by spewing out "lies lies lies lies!!!! you're ignorant retard liars who read nothing but LIES!"

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