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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

Originally Posted by Makod View Post
1. Just because you are not Christian does not mean you are smart. <.<

2. We are helping no one.

3. YOU are the sheltered kid, you believe whatever is fed to you by your retarded biased websites. NONE OF YOUR IDEAS are your own.

And on an unrelated note: Kolte, Mongolia would be a better choice to live than China.
bull fucking shit. So I suppose building schools, hospitals, housing, giving free medicare, and all the other shit we build and gave to them is not helping them? Makod I pity you, you are a leftist pussy that cant think for yourself, you little cnn lies to you. I am sure you cant even tell the stuff you are watching is just blatent lies like most liberal stuff is, I am not saying republicans dont lie they do just not NEARLY as much.
I am sure you are one of the ones that accualy believed this OMFG BUSH IS A LIYAR!!!

well think again its MORE liberal shit.
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