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Originally Posted by Dfsg
So, you say I shouldn't worry about Mercury? If I worry about my health, I'm just paranoid? I thought normal people strove to have decent health.

I wouldn't want to mess around with the second most toxic metal in the world, and just accept it because doctors want to inject you with it.
you know whats funny? i could eat spoonfulls of mercury and be perfectly fine. its when vapors of mercury are injected or consumed its dangerous. pure liquid mercury is perfecly harmless. this story of a woman that tried to kill her husband, put mercury in his food. he found out because he felt the liquid metal slide down his throat. he then went to a doctor who x rayed him and they found the pool of mercury. he was told he would be fine and to let the mercury pass, it was harmless since it did not turn into vapors. his wife on the other hand, being dumb in her murder attempt was sent to jail i think...

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