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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

I agree with his exellency of Iran when he says that Isreal needs to go, and the united states with it. The middle east wouldnt be filled with havoc if these countries werent there stirring it up.
U are blind, or u chose not to see. If the other counties didn't hate Jews, (not Israel as a state). There wouldn't really be any stir. When was Israel made? 50 years ago? what the average age of a suicide bomber? (yeat thats what i thoungt)
-When Israels was first made who declared wars against it? the impoverished exiles? no it was a bunch of Jew haters
"Following the State of Israel's establishment, the armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq joined the fighting and began the second phase of the 1948 Arab – Israeli War."
were these states lands taken away? do u really think they were just sticking up for the ppl that were kicked out? yea right

its been 50 years!!!, last time i checked the midlde east wasn't out of room for ppl to live in, why don't they go to a country and settle there?

-what do you propose we do? kick the israelsies out now? where should they go? are they responsible for what the UN did for them 50 years ago?

i just don't see in the end how a rational person would side with Iran, a hardline religious theocracy that would shut down this board in a second if they could, over the US which is democratic and Free.

This country is doing something, that the majority of the people don't want it to.
this is false.
-while in hind site most ppl wouldn't have supported going in in the first place, most ppl aren't opposed to what we are currently doing. Most ppl don't want immediate or near immediate withdrawl, or phase redeployment or cut and run w/e u want to call it.

I have yet to see any awnsers with how to deal with terrirism, cept Kolte wants every one to die..... any one else?
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