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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

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We are not just randomly killing people. We our helping their economy flourish and pouring millions into fixing their country. We are helping them more than you can comprehend. I garentee that if you had to live under what they lived through you would be begging for U.S to come.
Ok then lets just pack up and move 5 and a half million people. No we dont have to get rid of U.S presence they will just regroup and attack again, and take back afghanistan and Iraq and turn them into harsh theocracys that have to live under sharia (islamic law)
no, we are not helping crap. If losing casualties and knocking over houses for no apparent reason is your motive, then you must be excited. who fucking cares about iraq. now we are the most targeted nation when we were not before. It is all because of brainwashed christians...damnit!
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