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Default Re: communism(discuss)

Originally Posted by Grotesque View Post
Do you realize that no one gets fully paid absolutely everything and how incredibly hard it is to get a huge grant for someone with not a bunch of money to get into collage? You are an idiot. The internet is a necessity these days and is quite cheap...I can imagine the hell teachers have to go through with you.
You may have money, phantom boy...but you lack intellect and therefore will be shit for a living. Don't try saying i'm stupid...i'm not. I'm 3rd in my class of 450.
Accualy I am pretty poor, I personaly dont have any moeny, my mom is strugling with 2 jobs. Now its not nice to label people before you know them as you have shown. And no I dont lack intellect I have an IQ of 111 and get A's and B's. If its soooooooooo hard to succeed than how come so many people do it.
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