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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Ok, I have read alot of these posts (not all of them so far). So, heres my story.

When I 6, I used to play with the neighbors (1 guy, 1 girl)that were one year older than me. We used to play house and all that stuff. That's when I guess I had my first kiss with her. A year later I told my mom I liked her(which was weird enough saying it to my mom...). Then we grew older and kinda just ignored each other as I played with her brother(video games, not the.....Yeah). A year later my family moved about 30 mins away. We haven't really seen them in awhile. But then when I got settled into my new school I seen this girl. I really liked her all the way to about 4th grade. Then this is where I started to turn gay. I eventually kinda just "gave up" on trying to attract her. Then about half way through the year we get a new student. He was the same age as me, he was almost just like me at the time (always wearing denim jeans with a button up shirt and a cowboy hat). I started becoming friends with him.

_-Jumping about 4 years-_
I finally admitted to myself that I liked guys. About 4 months after that, I told my sister that I was gay and who I had a crush on(at the time it was him and my sister's wanna be boyfriend). She accepted it just fine though. Nobody other than her and some people I've openly told on the internet has accepted me. As of today, I'm still crushing over my classmate. I know he's straight but he's sooooo cute! Yesterday I finally got in the shower room at school and wow is all I'll say.
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