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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

i think that we can all agree that war is bad and shouldn't be used lightly, but unless some one else has another possible solution that will stop ppl who think that it is thier duty to kill you form killing you, then......

-sit and wait for them to get nukes? (boom)

-iscolated missile strikes on their nuclear facilities? like a giant game of whach-a-mole w/ iran and N Korea, plus any one who they give the technology to / developes it themselves?

-scare them with UN sanctions? ooo their shaking in their boots, how long did sadaam starve and opress his own ppl under the harshest of UN sanctions? how amny ppl did the UN save in Rwanda? Sudan?.....

It seems the other options i can think of aren't particularly effective.

any one care to propose something constructive?

does it really matter what percent of terrorists are Muslim? the good question is, which ones hate the first world and want to see ALL infidels dead not just a neighboring tribe or single ethnic group.
this isn't to say that non muslim terrorists are "ok" in anyway, its just that were are more threatened by one than the other.

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