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Default Re: Christianity- The world's most hated religion??(discuss)

Any one whos in the "arm of jesus" or w/e thats seriously messed up, but he video said that they make up 25% of the population i don't belive that. If 25% of americans were religious fenatics then there would be a lot more abortion clinic bombings on the news.
How come no one has killed Hanity or colmes for speaking against them? are they patrolig this board?
-I think that any where near 25% is a huge exadgeration of how many ppl are like the ppl in the videos.
-in the video they talk about how that specific church in the hanity and colmes video isn't afiliated with any other "main stream" chuches, it has 100 ppl in at and they are all related to eachother or 80%.

-the last video is a TV clip on a REALITY SHOW, take it at face value. IF uv seen other reality shows you should know that most of them are COMPLETELY scripted and that the others are simply suggested to say certian things, and also redoing videos to put them in later and stuff like that.

the ppl (type of ppl) in these videos do exist (i don't know about the reality TV one) but unless iv been missing alot of stuff i don't see what should be the symptoms of having a fundamentalism regime like force in my backyard.
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