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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

Originally Posted by Grotesque View Post need to title your believes, we are aware that they weren't thought up by professionals. No one would accuse of stealing.
DON'T think it hasn't happened before! lol (JK)

Grotesque, anything constructive to say, maybe?
But in all seriousness, If you are against war to solve terrorism then what is your solution? If you have one at all.

-Unless you think that Islamo Facism (and the like) will go away on its own. Or that america (and all first world countries) will be able to dodge every terrorist attack thats thrown at us. (how fast can u run? out run a nuke lately?)

-the only other option are things like UN mandates (dosen't necesarily have to be UN mandates per se), but as you have said that you wouldn't use war (correct me if im wrong) why would they follow the mandates? Its not like they follow them now even after The US and allies invaded Iraq and Afganistan and they know that were serious about that kida thing. SO if you wouldn't use force why would they follow them now?
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IMO war is an evil thing, but sometimes evils are neccesary (like government) to accomplish tasks other wise not acheiveable.

PS any one who is in all actuality a War Mongerer (not some one who thinks terrorists deserve death and should be killed) some one who actualy wants war for no good reason, they are SICk and should get therapy or something.
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