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Cut cut cut and I really thought I missed you with blood pouring down my wrists and arms tender skin exposing my vast inspiration. Trickle down and up and I'm sure I've just about lost track by now, what with all the sick delusions playing in front of my face. When I blink I think your face has been lost in that lovely darkness for a few moments, but it's still there, staring at me. Continuity reminding me it's only a hallucination from all the drugs everyone's been taking. Popping X in except I'm the only one having bad trips filled with empty pain no not the kind I like just empty and vast and I swear for a few minutes I think I'm dying. But then you kiss me and I remember I love you. It's really just the irony I love, that your kiss and touch remind me so much of his lips and his hands that weren't supposed to be on my body. And that is where confusion sets in on my posers’ life. Ripped clothing, black and torn, nothing anyone sane could be attracted to. Except you of course. But that must just be because your blue eyes blind you so much from what you’re really seeing.

So it's emo as shit, i know...but comments a feedback are appreciated
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