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i had the exact same thing in the middle of this past year, it was actually what i first posted about ( ) but yea, it was just a weird pain out of nowhere in my testicles and it didnt go away so i got it checked by my doctor and she said she didnt feel any abnormal lumps or anything. but during the time b4 seeing the doctor i did some research. i found that during puberty, random pain(mild) once in a while is normal and nothing to worry about, also pain could be cause by vericocele of the veins meaning the dilation of the veins around the testicles causing pain and if that's the case if it really causes lots of pain u can get the vericocele removed but many people with mild vericoceles just let them be and they either go away or just stay but dont cause anymore pain. i was so freaked out that it could be cancer because it is most common in teenagers, but i found that testicular cancer is described as a PAINLESS pea-sized lump on a testicle so i was releived that cancer wouldnt be causing my testicles to hurt. so hope this helped, its probably just random pain but if it gets to bother u like it did me just say like to one of ur parents u have some pain in ur lower stomach area and groin and go into the doctors room alone and mention that there is some pain in ur testicles, tats what i did and i was fine is offline